10 Absolutely Fabulous Moments of The Kiwi Factory Startup Crawl

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

The 20th of March 2015 was the best day at The Kiwi Factory ever. We have had over 50 Startup Crawl guests in our brand new office. Friday was simply overwhelming, tons of interesting people, numerous vibrant chats and a lot of entrepreneurial wibe in the air. We loved it!

For all of you who happen to missed the event or feel the need to recap it, here is a list of TOP 10 moments from our startup crawl.

FullSizeRender1. Our first invention the “Trash Cam” for documenting the event

Kiwis are very innovative. We wanted to document the event for our social media archives and came up with a genius solution for how to do a stop-motion recording so we taped the iPad on a trash bin with a duct tape. We are proud to call it our first office invention.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. Other startup teams visited us

Startup culture is all about caring and sharing. We were delighted to share this special day with other startups who kindly paid us a visit. Guys from Mediately, Storesense, Smartnina, Hekovnik and Patron Dispensers – you were such a joy to have around – thanks for coming!



FullSizeRender (1)3. Oculus anecdotes

There was screaming, excitement and joy as we took our guest for a virtual ride on Oculus rollercoaster. Thanks to our Oculus coach, Luka Perovič, no one got really sick or paranoid :) Like our visitor Lana said: “I felt something in my stomach and had to consciously convince myself that it is not real.” Yup, that is the charm of virtual reality.




4. Our first team photo in style

Suit up Friday is our way of introducing some corpo style to our company culture. It is more a joke, but we look sharp in suits, don’t we? And we even lined up based on our height – how cool is that?





IMG_04655. Yummy Oreo Cheesecake

Making desserts from other desserts may seem outrageous. We are certainly not discussing calories, but all the guests really enjoyed the flavourful Oreo Cheesecake that our COO Maja, also a culinary blogger at Blurred Limes, prepared.




6. Internet Week Crew visited

We were delighted that Gaja, Nataša and Iztok from Internet Week stopped by. Guys, huge congrats and compliments for organizing this amazing event. We hope you took the weekend off to relax and celebrate. After you recover, please sign us up for 2016 startup crawl, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!




7. Surprise guest: Stan from Launchub

Mr Stanislav Sirakov, a Partner at LauncHub seed fund delighted us with his visit. It was amazing to have him as a guest and discuss the difference and synergies between Slovene and Bulgarian startup ecosystem.




FullSizeRender (2)8. Our CTOs legendary wooden bow tie

You should all know that our CTO Boštjan Pišler is not only a tech-savvy entrepreneur, but also a fashion icon. On Friday he had a bold fashion statement – wooden bow tie. If you would like to be as chic as our CTO, order a wooden bow tie from company Moi at http://www.naturalstock.eu/si/31-moi-izdelki . Hint: As he was walking the streets of London wearing the wooden bow tie, over 20 people stopped him and said they adore it.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9. Evening Office Warming Fiesta

After welcoming over 50 people in our offices and hustling from 8:00 to 20:00, it was time to throw an office warming party to celebrate the successful startup crawl.





P320010710. Our wonderful family members and friends

Last, but not least, it was absolutely wonderful to see familiar faces. Our dear family and friends, thanks for your endless support, great spirit and helping hands. We endlessly appreciate you.

And these were the highlights of The 2015 Kiwi Factory Startup Crawl. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more updated about our office adventure.

Till next time,
the Kiwi Crew.