The Kiwi Factory Company story

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Every great company needs a great story and ours begins on a beautiful September morning. More specifically, on the 3rd of September 2014, there was a startup cafe event hosting experts from Google to discuss digital marketing. And The Kiwi Factory story begins with the collision of two great minds, when the co-founders met for the very first time.

When a business mastermind meets a tech savvy geek: The Kiwi Factory story

Destiny has mysterious ways of connecting people, but since all the great entrepreneurs believe in superpowers of networking, both Nicholas Bartlett, serial entrepreneur and investor from New Zealand and Boštjan Pišler, startup entrepreneur attended this event. Nicholas recently moved to Slovenia with his wonderful wife Tamara and was looking for investment and founding opportunities. Boštjan lead a sound technology development business and was looking for ways to scale his e-invoicing app Enostavni računi internationally. Sometimes in life a desire meets an opportunity, but magic truly happens only when the vision is shared. Nicholas and Boštjan were introduced by mutual colleague and ever since the phrase “productivity app” emerged in introduction, both immediately knew that there are some wonderful synergies to be created.

The coordination to start a company took half a year

Ever since the startup cafe Nicholas and Boštjan kept in touch. They discussed several development areas and participation forms. We all know that establishing a startup is more of a marathon than a sprint and being due diligent and rational in searching for optimal product-market fit was crucial. Upon discussing the optimal founding strategy, the decision to open a company in London was accepted in February 2015. In March 2015, The Kiwi Factory has been formally launched and Ljubljana office opened its door at Tobačna ulica.

Picking the name The Kiwi Factory and corporate visual identity

The Kiwi was a part of the company name that is kind of no-brainer. Nicholas comes from New Zealand and we wanted to cherish our founders national identity in the corporate name. The Factory reflects ur vision of being an R&D intensive company with the vision to spin-off the most successful projects. Initially we wanted to have the word lab instead of factory, but R&D approach was chosen to be reflected in the name The Kiwi Factory. First of all – kiwi the fruit of kiwi the bird? Well, since we found no reasonable explanation why we wanted to be associated with fruits, we decided to go with the bird. Our brilliant designers managed to find the right minimalistic balance and we are proud that our kiwi flies around in a space-ship these days.

And now let’s get down to business

Some people say that the beginnings are the most wonderful part of the entrepreneurial journey, but we guess this can only be said with nostalgia, when you finish. The amount of work when formulating work processes, corporate identity, attracting the right talent in the company and furnishing the office are overwhelming, yet really enjoyable and it feels amazing once you get it done. With the official opening and a startup crawl on the 20th of March, we will evolve from “setting up” to “starting up” and we can’t wait to develop some beautiful code, designs and communication to fuel the technology development flame even more.

But it all began on a beautiful September morning, since opportunities do not come to those who wait, but to those who go out and mingle. And The Kiwi Factory is a wonderful proof to support that.

Nicholas BartlettNicholas Bartlett, The Kiwi Factory co-founder and CEO

is a serial entrepreneur and investors from Auckland, New Zealand. Interested in productivity software for SMEs and consumer electronics, Nicholas has decided to create a  R&D hub The Kiwi Factory to spin-off technologies with great global product- market fit and sales potential. He has engaged in four successful companies so far and has done  3 exits (two business sale and one IPO on the New Zealand stock market after attracting $12 million of pre-IPO venture capital). Nick likes to spend his spare time with  family and friends, travelling the world and meeting other inspiring entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.



BBoštjan Pišler, The Kiwi Factory co-founder and CTO

Is a self-made internet entrepreneur with 10 years of industry experience in programming, web-design and software development. He is committed to agile methodologies,  creating international business opportunities and meaningful projects. Boštjan Pišler is also an entrepreneurial mentor and Kickstarter campaign advisor. As a true tech – savvy person, he makes sure we always have the coolest gadgets in the office – from 3D printers, to Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Gadgetry is inspiring and fun. In his spare time, Boštjan likes to travel, socialize and search for ideas, inspiration and partners to develop new business opportunities.